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There’s no one-size-fits-all at Monty’s Grooming Salon! We take great pride in providing the highest quality grooming service from experienced pet stylists who are passionate about ensuring grooming is a pleasurable experience for your dog.

Our professionally trained groomers can also help you maintain your dog’s coat and healthy appearance all year round. Whether it is a maintenance trim, breed clip or a full makeover, our team of stylists also offer nail art, body colour dying and chalking – Monty’s can help your dog look, feel and smell wonderful.

Our team use specialised organic products that can be tailored to your dog’s individual needs, which will be discussed prior to getting started. It is important to us that the styling and comfort of your dog between grooms is of the highest quality, therefore prices do vary.

Get in touch today to discuss your dog’s needs. We only accept a limited number of grooming appointments per day to ensure personal attention and a low stress environment for all breeds of dog.

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Our Products:

At Monty’s Place, we choose products that best suit your dog’s skin and coat requirements. Often we choose organic based products.

Another happy client:

Huge thank you for making my girl’s first visit to your grooming salon so easy. Usually apprehensive about new people and new places (not to mention the dreaded hairbrush!) but she was completely fine. Kindness, patience and an obvious love for all dogs – I can’t recommend Monty’s Place highly enough. Thank you!


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