Monty’s has a number of policies in place to ensure the health and safety of all our clients. Please read these carefully before making an appointment. If you would like any additional information, or have any questions regarding our policies, please feel free to get in touch.

Vaccination Policy

All dogs coming to Monty’s are required to have a current vaccination or Titer Test (see below). You will be asked to provide documentation at your first appointment, and will be verified against your vaccination care or directly with your vet.

Here at Monty’s, we believe in vaccinating animals only when necessary. We have the strong opinion that unnecessary annual vaccinations can be harmful to your dog.

To be very clear, we are NOT anti-vaccination. Vaccinations are essential for providing your dog with immunity to debilitating and potentially fatal diseases. However, recent updates in vaccination and disease management has better long term outcomes for dogs, such as the Titer Test.

Titer Test

Vets can now make sure your dogs are immune to killer diseases that can tragically devastate dogs, whilst making sure vaccines are only administered when necessary. A Titer Test is a quick, reliable and affordable assessment that indicates whether your dog needs to be given a vaccination or not.

Vets take a quick blood sample test which measures your dog’s level of anitbodies against core diseases. These are the C3 in dogs – Hepatitus, Parvovirus and Distemper. The test essentially gives a way of ‘measuring’ your dog’s immunity, and thereby determine the necessity of administering vaccination.

Results are available within 1-2 days, and an immunisation certificate is provided once results are known. We encourage you to ask your veterinary practice about Titer Tests the next time your dog is due its vaccines.

Kennel Cough Policy

Kennel Cough is a different type of vaccine and different disease syndrome. Annual vaccinations for Kennel Cough are still required, and it’s a prerequisite all dogs who visit Monty’s Place provide up-to-date documentation.

Flea Policy

If your dog has, or you suspect they have, fleas, please do not bring your dog to Monty’s Place. Dogs coming to us with fleas results in the centre closing for treatment to ensure protection of our other customers. This is inconvenient to our other clients, time consuming and costly.

It is essential owners check their dogs for fleas before each appointment at the centre. We do have dogs on site who have severe reactions to flea bites, as well as dogs recovering from post-surgery operations.We would rather re-schedule your appointment then contaminate our workplace and risk exposure to susceptible animals.

Spay / Neuter Policy

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of our daycare clients, we require that incoming dogs aged 9 months-plus are spayed/neutered, as these dogs tend to acclimate the best to the pack environment.

There are special circumstances where we do allow non-spayed/non-neutered dogs into our daycare facility and are willing to work with owners and veterinarians.

However, please be aware that non-spayed/non-neutered dogs have restricted daycare times. Additionally, non-spayed/non-neutered dogs who disrupt the pack environment will be separated from daycare at our staff’s discretion.

Under no circumstances do we allow heat bitches into the centre. Should your bitch go on heat, we will happily arrange another appointment for you.

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